About Huichem

We are Huichem

Founded in Shanghai, China, we’re a team with a big passion for cell nutrition. With the growth of age or environmental factors, our body will lack some nutrients, which will break the balance system of our internal environment and affect our normal life. So, we need to supplement these nutrients, to regain the balance and maintain health.

We offer a range of highly active substances that are found in small quantities in our bodies but play a very important role, most of our products are obtained through natural extraction, fermentation, and enzymatic processes, the goal is to make these products more natural and easier for our bodies to accept.

Our mission is to bring a healthier and more beautiful life for human beings by combining nature and science with the principles of sustainability.

Factory Overview

Our factory is equipped with 100,000 class air purification workshop and HPLC, GC, LC-MS, UV, IR, and other advanced testing equipment, has a strict quality management system, our factory has passed cGMP, ISO9001, ISO22000, EOS, NOP, Kosher, HALAL, and other certifications.

Custom Service

We can provide nutrition formulation according to your needs or customize the production according to your formula.

Why Choose Trens.tech

Quality Assurance

Each batch of products is released from the factory with a complete quality inspection report, and we will check the quality of each product again before shipping.

Professional Team

We have an international trade team with decades of experience in exporting chemicals to serve you.

Oversea Warehouse

We have warehouse in USA and European, more than 80 regular products can be delivered directly from there.

Quick Response

Whether you ask about products or need our help to deal with problems, we will respond to you within 7 hours.

After-sales Service

We will follow up on your order until you receive the goods safely and confirm the quality of the products. We can arrange a return and refund for any product quality problems.

Flexible Customization

We can provide customized service with low MOQ and exclusive production.

Purchasing Steps

1) Please tell us about the product or your requirements.
2) We will provide you with suitable products or solutions according to your requirements.
3) We will provide you with COA and related test spectra or samples to confirm the quality.
4) After confirming the details of quality and price, we will provide the PI to the customer.
5) Customer confirms the PI, completes the payment and sends the slip to us.
6) Finally confirm the shipping details and arrange the shipment.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will get back to you within one working day, please pay attention to the email “ @huichem.com”